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Forest Whitaker


  • He is married to former model Keisha Whitaker and has three children by her. His younger brothers Kenn and Damon are both actors as well.

  • Education

    • As a teenager, Whitaker commuted from Carson to wealthy Palisades High School on LA's West Side.

      The athletically-inclined Whitaker initially found his way into college via a football scholarship. Later, however, he transferred to USC where he set his concentration on music and earned two more scholarships training as an operatic tenor. This, in turn, led to another scholarship at Berkeley with a renewed focus on acting and the performing stage.


    • Whitaker made his film debut at the age of 21 in the raucous comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) wherein he played, quite naturally, a footballer.

      Whitaker's multimedia company, Spirit Dance Entertainment, includes film, television and music production. He works closely with a number of charitable organizations, giving back to his community by serving as an Honorary Board Members for Penny Lane, an organization that provides assistance to abused teenagers, the Human Rights Watch and The Hope North organization.

    Major achievements

    • actor: (films) TAG: The Assassination Game, 1982,

      Fast Times at Ridgemont High, 1982,

      Vision Quest, 1985,

      The Color of Money, 1986,

      Platoon, 1986,

      Stakeout, 1987,

      Good Morning, Vietnam, 1987,

      Bloodsport, 1988,

      Bird, 1988

      Johnny Handsome, 1989,

      Downtown, 1990,

      Rage in Harlem, 1991,

      Article 99, 1992,

      Diary of a Hit Man, 1992,

      Consenting Adults, 1992,

      Body Snatchers, 1993,

      The Crying Game, 1993,

      Bank Robber, 1993,

      Blown Away, 1994,

      Jason's Lyric, 1994,

      Prêt-à-Porter, 1994,

      Species, 1995,

      Smoke, 1995,

      Phenomenon, 1996,

      Body Count, 1998,

      Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samuai, 1999,

      Light It Up, 1999,

      Battlefield Earth, 2000,

      Four Dogs Playing Poker, 2000,

      Green Dragon, 2001,

      The Follow, 2001,

      The Fourth Angel, 2001,

      Panic Room, 2002,

      Phone Booth, 2002,

      Jiminy Glick in La La Wood, 2004,

      Mary, 2005,

      A Little Trip to Heaven, 2005,

      Even Money, 2006,

      The Marsh, 2006,

      (voice) Everyone's Hero, 2006,

      Vantage Point, 2008,

      Street Kings, 2008,

      (voice) Where the Wild Things Are, 2009,

      Our Family Wedding, 2010,

      Repo Men, 2010;

      (television movies) Grand Baby, 1985,

      Hands of a Stranger, 1987,

      Criminal Justice, 1990,

      Last Light, 1993,

      Lush Life, 1993,

      The Enemy Within, 1994,

      Rebound: The Legend of Earl "The Great" Manigault, 1996,

      The Split, 1998,

      Witness Protection, 1999,

      Deacons for Defense, 2003;

      (television mini-series) North & South, 1985,

      North and South Book The second, 1986;

      (television series) The Shield, 2006-2007;

      (television appearances) Making the Grade, 1982,

      Cagney & Lacey, 1983,

      Trapper John, Doctor of Medicine, 1984,

      Hill Street Blues, 1984,

      The Fall Guy, 1985,

      Diff'rent Strokes, 1985,

      Amazing Stories, 1986,

      Feast of All Saints, 2001,

      The Twilight Zone, 2003,

      ER, 2006;

      actor, director, executive producer: (films) First Daughter, 2004;

      actor, executive producer: (films) Green Dragon, 2001,

      American Gun, 2005;

      (television movies) Feast of All Saints, 2001;

      director: (films) Waiting to Exhale, 1995,

      Hope Floats, 1998;

      (television films) Black Jaq, 1998;

      producer (films) Chasing Papi, 2003;

      co-executive producer (television films) Door to Door, 2002


    Denomination: Protestant



    Writers: Maurice Sendak

    Sport & Clubs: Fotball

    Music & Bands: Rock


    • child: Ocean
    • father: Forest Whitaker, Jr - salesman
    • mother: Laura Francis (née Smith) - teacher
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    Born July 15, 1961
    (age 54)
    • 1982
      University Southern California



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