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Peter Naur

Peter Naur, Danish astronomy computing psychology neurology scientist. Recipient Georgia Hagemann medal, 1963, Jens Rosenkjaer prize, 1966, Computer Pioneer award, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society, 1986, Turing award for work on defining Algol 60 programming language, Association for Computing Machinery, 2005, Alan Mathison Turning award.


  • Naur, Peter was born on October 25, 1928 in Frederiksberg, Denmark.

  • Education

    • Magazine Scientific degree in Astronomy, Copenhagen University, 1949; Doctor of Philosophy, 1957.


    • Research student King's College, Cambridge, England, 1950—1951. Visits to a number of astronomical observatories and computer development laboratory, 1952—1953. Scientific assistant Copenhagen Observatory, 1953—1959.

      With Regnecentralen, 1959—1969. Professor, datalogi, Copenhagen University, since 1969. Lecturer Technical University Denmark, Niels Bohr Institute.

      Presenter in field. President Dansk Selskab for Datalogi, 1966—1982.

    Major achievements

    • Achievements include building the first Danish computer-DASK. Contributing to the creation of the Algol 60 programming language in 1960. Also served as editor of the group's report on the language.

      Co-developer of the Backus-Naur notation, a notation that is still utilized when a precise description of the syntax of a programming language is needed. Inventing the Danish counterpart to computer science-Datalogi. Development of synapse state theory of the neural embodiment of mental life.


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    Born October 25, 1928
    • 1949
      Copenhagen University
    • 1950 - 1951
      Research student King's College
      Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
    • 1952 - 1953
      visits to a number of astronomical observatories and computer development laboratory
    • 1953 - 1959
      scientific assistant, Copenhagen Observatory
    • 1959 - 1969
      with Regnecentralen
    • 1969