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Tom Paxton

Tom Paxton, American songwriter, entertainer, author. Recipient Lifetime Achievement award Swannanoa Gathering, Warren Wilson College, North Carolina, 1996, Lifetime Achievement award for Songwriting, British Broadcasting Corporation Radio 2 Folk Awards, 2005, Lifetime Achievement award, North America Folk Music & Dance Alliance, 2006; named to Kerrville Folk Festival Hall of Fame, 1996.


  • Paxton, Tom was born on October 31, 1937 in Chicago. Son of George Burton and Esther Hildegard (Peterson) Paxton.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Fine Arts, University Oklahoma, 1959.


    • Recording artist with Elektra, Flying Fish, Hogeye, Reprise, Vanguard, Mountain Railroad, Pax Records, Sugar Hill, since 1962. Owner Pax Records.


    • Tom Paxton - A Car Full Of Songs
    • A wonderful collection of children's songs from Tom Paxton's album of the same name, including: My Little Bear * License Plate * Somebody's Hungry * Dad's Not Lost * and 14 more Paxton favorites, plus fun and creative activities for children, parents and teachers!
    • The Marvelous Toy
    • A unique offering of a book and CD, recorded by Tom Paxton, and a major publishing event! For nearly half a century, "The Marvelous Toy"--composed by the legendary singer/songwriter Tom Paxton--has enchanted children and adults alike.
    • The Story of Santa Claus
    • How did a simple woodsman become Santa? "Folksinger Paxton has written a warm, joyous story explaining the many legends surrounding the origin of Santa Claus.


    Board directors Kerrville Polk Festival, 1990. Member American Society of Composers (Lifetime Achievement award in Folk Music, 2002), American Federation of television and Radio Artists, American Federation Musicians, Screen Actors Guild.


    • Married Margaret Ann Cummings, August 5, 1963. Children: Jennifer Ann, Katherine Claire.
    • child: Jennifer Ann Paxton
    • child: Katherine Claire Paxton
    • mother: Esther Hildegard (Peterson) Paxton
    • spouse: Margaret Ann Cummings
    • father: George Burton Paxton
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    Born October 31, 1937
    • 1959
      University Oklahoma
    • 1962
      Recording artist, with Elektra
      Vanguard, Saskatchewan, Canada