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Máté Hidvégi

Máté Hidvégi, Hungarian biochemist, educator. Diploma biological engineer. Fellow International Society Study of Origins of Life/Boston, Mainz, Germany, 1983, Soros Foundation, Hamburg, Germany, 1986, National Science Engineering Research Council/Ottawa, Winnipeg, 1988. Member European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Hungarian Bibliophyl Society (president 1995).


  • Hidvégi, Máté was born on November 9, 1955 in Budapest, Hungary. Son of György Hidvégi-Hoffmann and Katalin Dávid.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, Technology University, Budapest, Hungary, 1978; Master of Science, Technology University, Budapest, Hungary, 1980; Doctor of Philosophy, Technology University, Budapest, Hungary, 1983; Computer Sciences Corporation, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, 1990.


    • Engineer Grain Trust, Budapest, 1980-1983. Assistant professor Technology University, 1984-1987, professor, since 1992. Postdoctoral fellow Canada Grain Commission, Winnipeg, 1988-1989.

      Senior research associate University Manitoba, 1990. Director Misericorin Limited, Budapest, since 1994. Consultant, chief engineer Energ-Innov Company, Törökbálint, Hungary, 1984-1988.

      Pharmaceutical director Multiprod Limited, Budapest, 1991-1992. Scientific executive Beckjohn Limited, Budapest, 1992-1993. Consultant scientist Pharmateam, Tel-Aviv, 1993-1994.

    Major achievements

    • Diploma biological engineer.


    • Co-editor: Amino Acid Composition and Biological Value of Cereal Proteins, 1985 (Best Sold Books 1987), Cholesterol-Counter: Handbook of Healthy Nutrition, 1993. Author: (book chapter) The Holy Sepulchre Basilica in Jerusalem, 1993. Patentee in field (Hungarian Chamber of Innovations 1993).


    Denomination: Roman Catholic


    Member European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Hungarian Bibliophyl Society (president 1995).



    Writing, collecting old books and manuscripts, gardening.


    • Married Eszter Miklós, July 16, 1980. Children: Áron, Anna.
    • child: Áron Hidvégi
    • child: Anna Hidvégi
    • mother: Katalin Dávid
    • spouse: Eszter Miklós
    • father: György Hidvégi-Hoffmann
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    Born November 9, 1955
    (age 60)
    • 1978
      Technology University
    • 1980
      Technology University
    • 1983
      Technology University
    • 1990
      Hungarian Academy Science
    • 1980 - 1983
      Engineer, Grain Trust
      Budapest, Hungary, Hungary
    • 1988 - 1989
      postdoctoral fellow, Canada Grain Commission
      Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    • 1990
      senior, research associate University Manitoba
    • 1994
      director, Misericorin Limited
      Budapest, Hungary, Hungary
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