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Rafael Macedo de la Concha

Rafael Macedo de la Concha, former Mexican government official. Member of Mexico National Legion of Honor.


  • Concha, Rafael Macedo de la was born on May 6, 1950 in Mexico City.

  • Education

    • Graduate, Heroic Military College; Law degree, University Nacional Autónoma Mexico, Mexico City; Dr Degree (honorary), National Institute Criminal Science, Mexico, 2003.


    • With Mexican Army, advanced through grades to brigadier general. Legal, fiduciary and assistant director National Bank of the Army, Air Force and Navy. Judge, 1st magistrate Supreme Military Court.

      Legal council federal executive branch Government of Mexico, assistant chief legal counsel Presidential staff, attorney general military justice, legal counsel Secretariat National Defense, attorney general, 2000—2005. Professor various subjects including Mexican positive law, political, economic and social problems of Mexico, constitutional law University Nacional Autónoma Mexico, Lat. American University, director law program.

      Military attaché Mexican Embassy, Rome. Republican of Government of Mexico and Secretariat of National Defense regarding arms and drug trafficking United States Department of State. Representative Secretariat of National Defense before the Jt.

      Secretariat Committee. President drug abuse control commission CICAD, 2002—2003. Chair, 5th meeting ministers or justice ministers or attorney general Americans REMJA, Washington, 2004.


    Member of Mexico National Legion of Honor.
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    Born March 6, 1950
    (age 65)
    • 2003
      National Institute Criminal Science
    • 2005
      legal council federal executive, general
    • 2005
      assistant, general
    • 2005
      attorney, general
    • 2005
      legal counsel, general
    • 2005
      attorney, general
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