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Benjamin Tibbits Kemerer

Benjamin Tibbits Kemerer, American bishop. Mason.


  • Kemerer, Benjamin Tibbits was born on December 9, 1874 in Vernon Center, Minnesota, United States. Son of Samuel D. and Mary (Tresenriter) Kemerer.

  • Education

    • Educated Hamline U., 1890-1894. Doctor of Divinity, Seabury Theological Seminary, 1931.


    • Began as editor of country newspaper at 16. Later proofreader for West Publishing Company, then salesman, manager cutlery department and advertising manager, Simmons Hardware Company, St. Louis. Deacon, 1903, priest, 1904, Protestant Episcopal Church.

      Missionary to city instns., St. Louis, 1904-1907. Rector St. George’s Church, St. Louis, 1907-1921. General secretary field department National Council Protestant Episcopal Church, 1921-1923.

      Rector St. Clement’s Church, El Paso, Texas, 1923-1927, St. Paul’s Church, Duluth, 1927-1930. Elected bishop coadjutor Diocese of Duluth, June 1930, consecrated November 1930. Succeeded as bishop of Duluth on resignation of Bishop Bennett, November 8, 1933.

      Upon the re-union of the Dioceses of Duluth and Minnesota, January 1, 1944, became Suffragan Bishop of Minnesota, retired, 1948.


    • Author: Christian Stewardship, 1924. You Can’t Take It Minneapolis Minnesota‡.


    Party affiliation: republican




    • Married Callie Frederick, October 1, 1896. Children: Carol Frederick (wife of H. R. Edwards, M.D.), Elizabeth James (wife of W.J.L. Porcher, M.D.).
    • father: Samuel D. Kemerer
    • mother: Mary (Tresenriter) Kemerer
    • spouse: Callie Frederick
    • children: Carol Frederick (wife of H. R. Edwards Kemerer
    • M.D.) Kemerer
    • Elizabeth James (wife of W.J.L. Porcher Kemerer
    • M.D.) Kemerer
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