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Ossip Aronovich Zadkine

Ossip Zadkine was a Belarusian-born artist who lived in France. He is primarily known as a sculptor, but also produced paintings and lithographs.
  • Background

    Zadkine was born as Yossel Aronovich Tsadkin in Vitebsk. His father was Jewish.

    Zadkine died in Paris in 1967 at the age of 77 after undergoing abdominal surgery and was interred in the Cimetière du Montparnasse. His former home and studio is now the Musée Zadkine.
  • Career

    • After attending art school in London, Zadkine settled in Paris about 1910. There he became a part of the new Cubist movement (1914-1925). He later developed his own style. It was strongly influenced by African art.

      Zadkine served as a stretcher-bearer in the French Army during World War I, and was wounded in action. He spent the World War II years in America. His best-known work is the sculpture "The Destroyed City" (1951-1953).


    Confession: Jew

    Died November 25, 1967
    (aged 77)
    • 1900 - 1904
      studied at school in Vitebsk
    • 1905 - 1909
      studied at London art school



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