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Q and A

Prabook is a place where you can find information about people of the past and present as well as add your own articles about people you admire, be it a scholar, local activist or your relative.

Q: I am a patent lawyer and I have several publications in World Patent magazine. Can I create a profile about myself with Prabook?

A: If you are a lawyer, doctor or scholar, if you publish articles in Autism or Dentistry magazine or with any other professional publisher, you can definitely create a profile about yourself. In a paragraph "Works" you can provide links to Amazon, or any other commercial sources that could help to increase the sales of your books or articles or provide a link to any non-commercial resource.

Q. I am an Italian architect and my professional works are published in Domus Magazine, that does not have an English version. Can I leave links to Italian sources of information?

A. Definitely. You can provide a link in Italian or in any other national language to "Works" paragraph. Within a short period of time it would become possible to automatically translate any professional text from any language into English and vice versa. However, your main biographic profile should be in English.

By the way, if you are an architect your buildings can speak on behalf of yourself much more than any of your theoretical publications. Download the images of the buildings you designed and put the address of them, and users could see how your works look and know the locations.

Q. My former professor, whom I still admire, already passed away. Is it possible to create a profile on him?

A. You can definitely create a profile on any scholar, your teacher or anybody you venerate, or even whom you worked together with. If the person is known to general public, there are should be some literature on them; in this case you can use Bibliography chapter, where you can put links to books or articles devoted to this person.

Q: As a professor of history I published some books and many articles on outstanding politicians of the XIX century. Why should I be a contributor?

A: First, you can create a profile on yourself. Thus, you can include the books and articles you wrote into your "Works" paragraph.

Second, you can create an article on the person of your professional interest, be it an American President or Cambodian king, less known to general public. In Bibliography chapter you can put a link to your books on Amazon or articles to History Magazine. Thus it will enhance the sales of your works. You can promote the person of your aspiration by including other authoritative sources of information.

Third, you can show your name as an author to the article. Thus, it can serve as an instrument for other people to reach you and discuss any aspect of life or views of an outstanding person you and other people admire.

Q: I am a fan of Lionel Messi. Can I post on a page with his bio on a regular basis?

A: It's enough to start a page/profile on your hero. When you press Save, the system will ask you if you want to continue writing on his page exclusively or allow others to update the page with new facts of his sport career.

Q: What do I do if a profile of a person I want to write about already exists in the system?

A: First, check if you are allowed to update the information on the existing page. It's up to a previous author to give you this opportunity. If you don't have this option, then choose another person (as a rule we have more than one hero in life:).

These two options exist in the system to protect copyright of the author of the article (page/profile). The Prabook tool gives the opportunity for readers to contact the author. Anybody including political figure, scientist, businessman, musician or sportsman himself can contact the author of an article, express his gratitude (if he likes an article), or if necessary, specify certain facts, views, etc.

Q: What if I don't want users to see that I am the author of the profile (article/page)? In other words, if I want to stay anonymous?

A: There is an option for Prabook contributors to stay anonymous. At the stage of saving the article, you will be offered this option. But this doesn't mean that you are given the right to post obscene content or profanities. Otherwise, you will be deprived of the right to be the author/editor.