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Prabook is a place where you can find information about people of the past and present as well as add your own articles about people you admire, your relatives and friends


I want to scan and upload an old family photo archive of my grandma who was a school teacher. Is this possible?

Besides VIPs who have articles about them in Wikipedia and other websites, there are many other people building houses, teaching people, growing food... We believe that your grandmother’s life is no less important for her friends, relatives and those she influenced than that of any celebrity. Don’t hesitate to create a page about her and upload family photos so that they will not vanish from history.

I am a fan of Lionel Messy. Can I post on a page with his bio on a regular basis?

It’s enough to start a page/profile on your hero. When you press Save, the system will ask you if you want to continue writing on his page exclusively or allow others to update the page or new facts of his sport career.

What do I do if a profile of a person I want to write about already exists in the system?

First check if you are allowed to update the information on the existing page. It’s up to a previous author to give you this opportunity. If you don’t have this option, then choose another hero (as a rule we have more than one hero in life:).

These two options exist in the system to protect copyright of the author of the article (page/profile). The Facebook tool gives the opportunity to contact the author. Anybody including political figure, scientist, businessman, musician or sportsman himself can do this, i.e. the hero, can thank the author for the material and also, if necessary, specify certain facts, views, etc.

What if I don’t want users to see that I am the author of the profile (article/page)? In other words, if I want to stay anonymous?

There is an option for users of the system to stay anonymous. At the stage of saving the profile, you will be offered this option. But this doesn’t mean that you are given the right to post obscene content or profanities. Otherwise, you will be deprived of the right to be the author/editor.